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by Mila Mawaddah S.Ak
Akuntansi Universitas Airlangga
Angkatan 2007

The revolution or transformation into globalization, computerization and
information technology has called for the urgent need to recognize intellectual
capital, or intangibles in an organization’s financial reports. Intellectual capital
has become a crucial factor in helping companies gain competitive advantage.
Companies can compete if they use competitive advantage that obtained from
creative inovations which produced by company’s intellectual capital so will push
to establish more favourable products in consumer’s eyes. Company’s intellectual
capital can’t be measured directly but proposed a measure of the efficiency of
value added by corporate intellectual ability (Value Added Intellectual Coefficient
– VAIC™). The major component of VAIC™can be observed by corporate
resources that is physical capital (VACA – value added capital employed), human
capital (VAHU – value added human capital), dan structural capital (STVA –
structural capital value added).
In this research, will be analyzed the impact of intellectual capital toward
financial company’s performance: ROA (Return On Assets), ATO (Assets Turn
Over) dan GR (Growth In Revenues). Data are drawn from company’s LQ45
index that listing in Indonesia Stock Exchange for 2005-2009. Data which used in
this research is secondary data that obtained from www.idx.co.id, Indonesian
Stock Exchange (IDX) Statistics, Indonesian Capital Market Directory (ICMD)
and other relevant sources. This research uses multiple linier regression and SPSS
13.0 for the data analysis.
Based on the result analysis, obtained a conclusion that VACA doesn’t
influence significant partially toward ROA, ATO, GR; whereas VAHU and
STVA influence significant partially toward ROA and ATO; whereas VAHU and
STVA doesn’t influence significant partially toward GR. Simultaneously,
VAIC™influences significant toward ROA and ATO however doesn’t influence
significant toward GR.
Keywords: Intellectual Capital, Return On Assets, Assets Turn Over, Growth In
Revenues, LQ45 index, Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX)

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