Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

RED OCEAN: A review about the banking (Conservatism Versus Aggressive)

I think something wrong with this business. Ok, we discuss about banking . I’d ever studied management strategic in my university. We can call this business—banking—is in the peak graphic. I write this situation because I face many conditions that make me realize a phenomena. TAKE OVER is common phenomena in this business. And then, I feel ‘not in good condition’.

Ok, as we know, bank is an intermediary institution which delivers money from people that excess of money to people that lack of money. Banks get fee from this service such as interest, provision, administration fee, fee from cordage of collateral, etc.  So, easily, we can call bank as ‘bridge’ for debtor and creditor.

Long ago, bank is in good condition when there are only a few banks. Bank is in glory because bank can get many fees from debtor and bank depends on interest—we called conservatism. Nowadays, bank depends on fee based income (FBI) because information and technology grow rapidly so accelerate this business changing. Bank can’t depend on interest, so bank must have a research and development to create a new product that can give source of income. But, undeniable that bank affectively depends on interest. Interest is the greater source of income better than FBI. So, many banks have a target to be aggressive.

So, TAKE OVER is common in this business. We realize that bank grows rapidly and in other condition debtor or entrepreneur does not grow in the same line—not linear. Entrepreneur appears one by one because break fresh ground—business—is not easily. Consequently, bank always take over debtor from one bank to another bank. I seldom meet a business that really new to be financed by bank. I remember about my subject in my university—blue ocean strategy—a business that really new, but business that to be financed by bank is not really new. So, we meet red ocean strategy in banking so account officer (AO) that have a role to be marketer must be bleed. Many of them are stress because of this condition and they have target to be achieved. If they do not achieve, they will go home (get the sack). How pity they are!

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